Cultural Differences Between Chinese And China

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The relationship between China and Japan started a long time ago because these countries are very close geographically. They have interacted with each other and have shared a lot of things, such as goods, alphabets, and cultures. Most of these things were brought to Japan through China; therefore, there are many things in common between the two countries. Many people are confused about the differences between the countries. Even if Japanese tell other people that they are from Japan, some people still misunderstand that they are Chinese. Although there are various of similarities, there are a lot of differences. The two countries of Japan and China demonstrate similarities and differences between appearance, alphabet, and New Year celebration to help one to understand the cultural identity of each country.
Chinese and Japanese have similar and different appearances. For instance, they have very similar skin types. Their skin pigment tends to range from yellow to white color, and in some areas, people can be paler or darker. Also, their body shape is similar. "It is generally observed that people from Korea, China, and Japan tend to be a similar short stature and slim build compared to people from other parts of the world" ("How to Distinguish…"). However, there are some differences between Chinese and Japanese. For example, people say that Asian people tend to have small eyes, but there is diversity: "Japanese eyes are often described as bigger and angled downwards,
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