Cultural Differences Between Chinese Culture And Western Culture

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We live in a world that changes every day. The sapling grows into a towering tree. The thick trunk is cut off. The children are all grown up or are starting puberty. Parents are getting old. Children are raised or nurtured by parents. And we have the responsibility to support our family. Guns aren’t legal. The marijuana becoming legal. Most of these changes are reasonable or natural changes. The rest of the changes might be totally adverse, which reminds me to rethink about which took place before. Sometimes these changes occur from a word or a scene.

Before I went abroad to study in the US, I hardly knew about American culture. All of me though of culture inheres in Chinese culture. I never thought there’s such a large cultural difference between Chinese culture and Western culture. It did not occur to me to consider why it happens and what I could learn from it. It’s my first year here in America and I choose to live in home stay instead of living on campus. Both of my home stay family are so young as 30 years old. While I was living with that home stay, I have understanding about cultural differences between China to America deeply. One day my home grandmother came home. She said she wanted to live with my home stay mother because of some physical issues. Her face showed that she was so eager to get a positive answer. But my home stay mother said no to her. The expression on her face was so decisive and resolute that I kind of hated her on it. I was so confused…
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