Cultural Differences Between Cultures And Values

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This paper reports research done and conducted between two different people and their cultural backgrounds, including things such as their cultural mores and values. The paper conducts research on two different cultures as a whole and discusses differences between two people and how xenophobia or a friendship could conceive. Though both interviewee’s are from two different backgrounds, they both had the ability to become friends. They were also able to share a similar culture with similar values, norms, mores, as well as things such as music or a similar type of humor. Just because two people have two different views on things, it doesn’t mean they can’t create a bond. If anything, it could become stronger. Keywords: cultures, values,…show more content…
Cultural conflict has been around for a while and has become a controversial issue that has become an actual thing in America, with the creation of different groups such as Black Lives Matter. These issues come with fear or hatred towards others who are different than us and could be considered a number of different things such as racism, xenophobia, and sometimes even ethnocentrism. We are all different, but we have the ability to make and break bonds. This paper will compare two cultures of two different views by responding to the following questions: What cultural traditions (customs) does your family/culture practice? Which of these are important specifically to you and your family? Why? Describe them in detail. Describe the “lifestyle” of your family or the typical “lifestyle” of people of your heritage. Name one or two cultural mores (customs which embody the fundamental values of society) that are important to your culture/family. What do you consider “different” about your cultural beliefs and practices compared to those of other cultures? What do you feel is a common misconception about people of your cultural background? As a whole, though we all come from different cultures, different backgrounds, etc., I do believe we could create bonds within one another. We are all different, but we are all the same. What Cultural Traditions (customs) Does Your Family/Culture
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