Cultural Differences Between Cultures And Values

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This paper reports research done and conducted between two different people and their cultural backgrounds, including things such as their cultural mores and values. The paper conducts research on two different cultures as a whole and discusses differences between two people and how xenophobia or a friendship could conceive. Though both interviewee’s are from two different backgrounds, they both had the ability to become friends. They were also able to share a similar culture with similar values, norms, mores, as well as things such as music or a similar type of humor. Just because two people have two different views on things, it doesn’t mean they can’t create a bond. If anything, it could become stronger. Keywords: cultures, values, mores, xenophobia, norms

Cultural Comparison:
The Differences Between Cultures There are a number of recent events that have to do with the differences between people and their cultures. Recently, five police officers lives have been taken in Dallas due to the recent deaths of Alton Sterling, an African American man who was killed by police after he was already pinned to the ground. Though the man had a gun, I would’ve guessed that it was soon out of his hands after he was pinned, but still, he was shot. The autopsy has shown that he has died of gunshot wounds to the chest and back. It is perceived that the justice system is on white mens side than they are on any other ethnic group. People in every part of the world deal with their own…
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