Cultural Differences Between Developing Countries (China/ India) and Developed Countries (Uk)

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Introduction globalization is prevalent in the world business. Developing countries such as China and India have therefore, become appealing markets to foreign investors. It is anticipated that China and India will soon be the world’s biggest economies. Presently, eighty percent of the electronic goods globally are manufactured in china. This has resulted to more western companies wanting to invest in china as opposed to other countries. Unfortunately, there is intercultural management problem with the unprecedented increase in cooperation between the developing nations and the western counterparts which are culturally different. Cultural differences between developing countries (China/ India) and developed countries (UK) Obviously, the…show more content…
United Kingdom has adopted a cultural marketing philosophy that emphasizes on high service, high image and high quality. Local subsidiaries can be found globally, having come from Shiseido Deutschland, Shiseido Australia and Shiseido France. In every case, Shiseido works to incorporate itself in the local community, contribute to the community’s wellbeing and localize its operations. To guide its fragrance business globally, Beauté Prestige International (BPI) was established in 1990 in Paris. BPI worked with globally-famous designers and soon created highly successful fragrances. In 1991, Shiseido established the first European factory in France, Gien. Fragrances and skin care products were produced. In all its planning, the facility had a desire to sponsor local social and cultural events. There is an emphasis on growing community and adding on god corporate citizenship (Ganesh, Kumar and Kotabe, 1996). Shiseido has been able to sell its products in UK, Sweden, France and Italy. Shiseido is an apt example of how companies intending be global should act. Before marketing their products in foreign countries, there is a need to do comprehensive studies and understand cultural differences that exist. Failure to do this, a company might be criticized and incur sizeable loses. In addition, working with the local community is particularly beneficial in ensuring stability in the foreign country. Reasons why there are cultural differences People who
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