Cultural Differences Between Nomura And Lehman

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1. What obvious cultural differences between Nomura and Lehman do you see in this situation?
Culture differences between Nomura and Lehman that can be found in this situation is the way that Japanese treat their female employees is different from male employees. Nomura train new hiring employees by separate them by gender and teach women about the thing that does not proper such as how to serve tea or strictly about their dress in in the workplace. This can display different cultures between them some reasons might be that in Japanese culture they consider that women doesn't have ability to work as much as men. Japanese culture at work is very strictly on how the employees behave not only in their work hours but all times while they are working on the company that is different from the national culture that focuses on work more than personal behavior or how they dress. Even if Nomura said he wanted to blend two cultures together but it's look like he still use Japanese culture as the main culture. Moreover, Lehman said that Nomura process is slower than when the employee worked in his manage.
2. What global attitude do you think characterizes Nomura? Be specific in your description. Do you see any evidence of that changing?
Since Nomura acquired
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The second is the movement of many global department’s heads to western countries to learn and experience working and business styles to be adopted in Nomura’s policy. Lastly, the company emphasises more about workplace equity such as man and woman. It obviously shows that women have working capability and also career growth like men.
3. Do some cultural research on Japan and the United States. Compare those cultural characteristics. What similarities and differences exist? How might these cultural differences be affecting the situation at
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