Cultural Differences In Health And Social Care Essay

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1) Explain the difference between a for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare provider. Some of the more distinctive differences between the two is that, a for-profit healthcare provider can distribute their profits to whomever they want i.e. shareholders, and they do not get tax benefits like: being exempt from paying federal taxes. For-profit healthcare providers are typically owned by either private investors or could also be publicly owned, but regardless of who owns them, their main goal is to make a profit from their investments. Whereas a not-for-profit healthcare provider, cannot share their profits with any shareholders since they receive a tax-exempt status as long as their services are towards the members of the surrounding communities and are following a stricter set of rules and regulations. Non-for-profit healthcare providers are also seen as a voluntary healthcare organization and are known for providing charity care, especially to those that are uninsured. 2) What differences in services might occur during or after a stay in a for profit versus a…show more content…
This unfortunately, reduces the quality of care a patient might receive in the different settings. Whatever the case might be, I do not think there should be a difference in quality of care the patient receives, but do understand that due to lower funds and resources, there has and will probably always be a difference. However, I do not agree that there should be a difference in quality of care when it comes down to hospital acquired conditions (HACs), low incident reports, good service etc. This type of quality should be the same regardless whether a consumer receives medical attention from a for-profit or not-for-profit
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