Cultural Differences In Middle School

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Starting middle school is tough. How would you feel, if their was something about you that made you different than any other kid in your class? What if this was a part of you that you couldn't change but yet you were ridiculed because of it? This was the life of my friend, who wishes to be called Mr.Purple. Mr.Purple was ridiculed from the time he was in middle school because he came out to the work as a Bi-Sexual. The two of us had a very vulnerable conversation based on the differences in our sexualities, I myself am straight while as previously stated he is a Bi-sexual. We discussed how starting in middle school our curriculum, instruction, assessments, and social interactions differed based on this cultural difference.
Mr.Purple and I both attended inner city schools within Indianapolis, they also both happened to be charter schools. With this similar atmosphere we were able to discuss many of the same curriculum based ideas. Mr.Purple experienced many hardships when it came to his school work. At such a vulnerable age he wondered why it wasn't acceptable for him to write a paper on a same sex marriage while his classmate wrote a paper on his heterosexual parents wedding? Or why he could not ask questions in his Sexual Education class because his questions, based on his sexuality, “weren't appropriate”? Mr.Purple always felt as if the administration and staff treated him differently than they did their straight
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My sexuality has never been a struggle for me. My sexuality however was not a minority. In fact I did not experience a classmate being openly Bi-Sexual until my Freshman year. I grew up in a private christian church and school. Homosexuality was just not something anyone had ever brought up to me. I was treated the same way from my teachers as the next student was. Yes I had my fair share of bullying but that was not due to the sexual orientation I identified
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