Cultural Differences In Political And Cultural Similarities Between France And Germany

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Cultural comparison between France and Germany
European French and German don’t look different regarding culture, personalities. First of all: French is (partly) a Mediterranean country, this has a huge difference on the personalities culture, etc. Mediterranean countries and people tend to share a lot in culture temperament etc. Also, French is a strong Latin influence, as a former part of the Roman empire sprawling from Egypt and Minor Asia to England. This does make a difference while Germans do also have been part of the Roman Catholic world for ages, they do have a different level of integration with this distinct Roman culture that shaped the western civilization. French is seemed to be a little bit more approachable (although with the barrier of language) on average from most Germans (Huwaë & Schaafsma, 2017). Not so direct or easy going but again they do have a Mediterranean “flavor” on them. Similarly, France maintains a tradition of secularism and has not officially collected data on religious affiliation since the 1872 national census, which complicates assessments of France's religious composition while Germans have Roman Catholic 29%, Protestant 27%, Muslim 4.4%, Orthodox Christian 1.9%, other 1.7%, none or members of unrecorded religious groups 36%

2. Highlight the differences in political/religious opinions, conflicts, and contributions on a national/international level.
The relationship between these two neighbouring countries is
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