Cultural Differences Of A Multicultural Culture : Person-Centered Therapy

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Culture plays a significant role in psychotherapy. The therapist cultural, as well as the client’s cultures play a significant role. The therapist should be aware of the client’s cultural differences. Person-centered therapy requires a great deal of empathy and to be a multicultural therapist using this theory, a therapist must be sure to not be assertive with a particular view on various cultures (Quinn, 2012). One multicultural issue that may arise is the therapist making assumptions because of the client’s culture. The therapist must be aware of their assumptions. They must not let their attitudes about his or her own culture and his or her beliefs about the client’s culture interfere with the treatment. Learning about the background or cultural of the clients can help to discover any preconceived thoughts about a particular culture (MacDougall, 2002). Person-Centered Therapy can be used in crisis intervention situations when focusing on the issue at hand. It can be utilized in tragic situations like unwanted pregnancy or the loss of a love one. In a crises situation, the client needs to be in an atmosphere where they feel safe and supported to help alleviate some of the stress they are enduring. People who are in crisis need to feel heard and understood because this helps them feel calm (Corey, 2013). This theory can be used with clients with substance abuse or addiction. This therapeutic approach allows addicts to recognize their issues on their own,
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