Cultural Differences Of Online Learning

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Sehar Sheikh
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The purpose of the study is to investigate on cultural differences in online learning experience and how courses should be designed by instructors to accommodate for students with cultural barrier for successful transition. Geert Hofstede, a Dutch cultural anthropologist, analyzed cultures along five dimensions of power, self, gender, predictability, and time. His theory was applied on interviews conducted on 5 Pakistani female students and 5 American female students to understand the cultural shock that has impacted their progress in university. Results were analyzed and compared to Hofstede’s cultural
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Hofstede’s cultural dimension claims individuals from eastern societies are high on uncertainty avoidance and are worried about their future. It is always a challenge but they tend to be adaptable.

Teachers are using techniques such as videoconferences, screen sharing, online conferences, web-based guides, or images to help their students enhance skills in whatever subject that interest them. Giving practical advice on putting together effective courses and programs help individuals comprehend material better than a messy outline that is hard to follow [2]. It is essential to provide a structural course work to the students who will be using online courses to implement the virtual learning in real life through activities, homework, exam, and assessments. However, modern communication has allowed design and development but concerns regarding cultural dimensions are still problematic. The current research recommends that international virtual learners felt alienated from American learners in an interactive online environment. Understanding the key concepts of Hofseted’s cultural dimensions theory fill out the gap and provides a cross-cultural communication framework to effectively create an equal environment for both eastern and western societies. See Figure 1


Figure 1: The diagram illustrates 5 cultural dimension of Hofstede’s Cultural dimensions theory.

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