Cultural Differences Of The Bronx

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I reacted as politely as I could to the cultural differences in the Bronx. The culture shock often made me irritable and honestly annoyed, but I never lashed out or maliciously acted on my sentiments. With the constant Spanish, music playing, and different attitudes, I needed to find a way to zone out my surroundings. And I turned to music, country music in particular. I had always loved country music, but I really came to love it while in the Bronx. It was a way for me to regress into the culture in which I came—mainly a white culture that often has an affinity for the outdoors and wilderness. The urban jungle of NYC rarely offers a great area to fish or hunt. Yet I also did try to embrace the changing culture. I would dance to the Latin music that many of my students played; I would eat locally and try different cultures’ foods; and I read up on the history of the Bronx and how it evolved into a city with a working class that is socioeconomically challenged, and how many people—especially those of color—have received the brunt end of public policy decisions that have no other explanation than environmental racism and unjust drug policies. For example, we worked with students whom, at any given time, could have their homes evicted, suffer an asthma attack from the unconscionable pollution caused by the Bruckner Bridge that connects upstate New York to Manhattan, or lose a father or mother or sibling to one of the everyday evils that swirl around a neighborhood like Hunts

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