Cultural Differences

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Mahatma Gandhi once said that, “a nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” Throughout time, cultures have given us an identity; culture has defined us. It has allowed us to separate ourselves from others and give ourselves a sense of individuality. Our cultures are able to give us our defining characteristics and we use those characteristics to answer the age-old question of “us vs them”. What are the cultural and significant differences between Americans and Canadians? Or, we can also look at it on a smaller scale and ask, what are the cultural and significant differences between people from New Jersey and people from Ohio? While most of the time, these differences are blatant, there are instances where cultures can seem to blend together if you aren’t looking closely enough and there are only miniscule differences that separate them. But, the criteria that we use to differentiate ourselves from others is not clearly defined and can involve a bunch of relevant and also irrelevant observations of others. When defining a different culture, most civilizations look at locational differences, differences in law as well as examining the visual cues of the people of that culture. Locational differences are the easiest to define when looking at multiple cultures and it gives a clear example of two different cultures. Americans and Australians do not occupy the same space and therefore it can be inferred that they are two different
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