Cultural Differences

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After talking about our knowledge of disability, I found that there are some differences among different cultures. In my culture, although the situation of disabled people is improving, still lots of people consider that they are different. Sometimes they suffer from discrimination and bullying. However, a group member who is from Samoan stated that disabled people are treated equally, protected and supported by religion all the time in Samoan. Besides, the stereotype of disability in Samoa is also new and significant for me. Samoans believe that family member or parent breaking social norms or violating social rules is an element making disabled people be disabled. In my cultural situation, an idea in the Buddhist is that disability is a punishment for a person who did wrong things in the preexistence. In my opinion, each individual in the world is equal including the people with disabilities, they should be treated equally. Therefore, I am strongly against the behaviors that discriminate and bully disabled people. And for the Buddhist opinion that people suffer from disabilities due to they did wrong things in the past, I do not agree and I believe that the disabilities should be looked at from a scientific point of view. For example, a congenital disability can result from a genetic factor and an injury to the fetus at birth as well as the environmental factors including drugs, alcohol or diseases during pregnancy. I treat everyone equally, people with disabilities are
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