Cultural Differences

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Cultural differences In modern society, there is no obvious difference in everyday’s life, but my life has changed a lot since I came to America. So today I want to compare the differences between eastern and western cultures simply by my own experience, and for your better understanding, I will set examples of China and America. First of all, there is a big difference between China and America in the food. In my personal view, Chinese food is more fresher than America. Chinese people preferred noodles, rice, and dumplings as main course, and China has a long history of diet culture; the pattern of the food variety is very rich. Chinese farmers’ market and supermarkets are everywhere, even in the absence of a refrigerator can also live, because shopping is very convenient. We can get fresh vegetables and meat everyday. But American life seems a little bit different. Many Americans love to eat a high-fat, high sugar and high-energy food, such as meat, cheese, and hamburgers. So Americans more than fat, and their obesity rate is higher than Chinese people. Americans generally purchasing food once a week. Generally speaking, Chinese food is fresher than American, but now, I can adapt to American life gradually. Secondly, different history is the reason why these cultures are different. In Chinese culture, family is the most important factor. When one is very little, he has been taught to love and respect his family, to look after his parents when they get old. “Family
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