Cultural Differences and Interpersonal Interactions: A Personal Reflection

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I had recently moved to my new apartment, in a new neighborhood, one drastically different from all that I had known, when one day there was a knock at the door. I was not sure who it could be since I did not know anyone for miles around, and was quite surprised when I looked out the window to see a short Latina (who I later on found out was Mexican). I was able to ascertain the fact that she was Hispanic when she began speaking Spanish to me, very rapidly, when I peered at her through the window. My Spanish is very limited, and so I opened the door to see what had brought her there. I was initially surprised at her overall demeanor during this brief interpersonal interaction. She could not have been any more than five feet tall, and had a significant amount of excess weight that made her resemble a bowling pin. Yet the way she spoke was quite loud, very quick, and indicative of a power in both her nature and regarding whatever it was she was talking about. Another highly significant aspect of her demeanor was the fact that she made gesticulations as she talked. Similar to her speech, her body movements were quite abrupt, powerful, and exaggerated. I believe she was making her movements all the more pronounced due to the rather blank stare I gave her, and due to the fact that all I could manage (in Spanish) was to ask her "que" or, what?, repeatedly. My body language was quite the opposite of hers. While she spoke boldly with confidence and with exaggerated
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