Cultural Dimensions Theory

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Cultural Dimensions Theory MGMT455 Unit 3 Assignment Cultural Dimensions Theory A Dutch social psychologist and anthropologist named Geert Hofstede studied how different cultures interact with one another. The framework for assessing the many differences between nations and cultures was established by him and called the cultural dimensions theory. The theory uses six cultural dimensions to place a value on them. The six cultural dimensions are power, collectivism, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity, temporal orientation, and indulgence. The data Hofstede gathered was based on surveys conducted by IBM, a US technology and consulting firm (Cultural, 2013). The power dimension such as equality versus inequality analyzes the way…show more content…
By doing prior research, I would know what they dos and don’ts of business are in Germany. By doing real research, I can know what it real tradition and what is not because no businessperson should make assumption about the country they are going into. References Cultural-Dimensions Theory. Retrieved 25 January 2013 from World Speaking: What About Germany? Retrieved 25 January 2013 from The Hofstede Centre:
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