Cultural Discrimination In The Civil Rights Movement

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As early as elementary school, I was subjected to patches of discrimination and racism. As a child this had a damaging effect on my social interactions as well as my confidence and self- image. Most often when considering discrimination, the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s is what most of society compares to the present day. Surprisingly, there are wide differences between the two even though one had an effect on the other. Looking back briefly at the Civil Rights Movement, discrimination and racism was open face in society. What is meant by this, separate bathrooms drinking fountains, even chairs at events were observed as normal during this time. Afterwards, discrimination dawned its masked and hid itself from the eyes of society. It became sort of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” mentality in most of the United States. More…show more content…
Going back to the era Before the Civil Rights Movement, cultural discrimination dominated the social interactions between communities to include racially similar groups. Whether it was discrimination against Asians during World war II, or the Irish work force whom migrated to America during a potato famine in the early 20th Century. Cultural discrimination has played a role in the lives of individuals since the colonial ages in America. Currently, cultural discrimination is at play against Muslims, with the issue of immigration. Lawful or unlawful, the ban gives a world-wide face to just one of the many issues facing American society currently. In turn, despite the systematic discrimination being reported in the news, the fact remains that more complicated and subliminal forms of discrimination play effect on the lives of individual Americans daily. Until the negative, unwritten norms of society that we discussed are changed, it will remain a constant reminder of the stalemate we Americans face against bigotry, racism, and its’ many forms of
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