Cultural Diversity: An Example Of A Collectivist Culture

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Cultural diversity is the quality of diverse or different cultures, as opposed to monoculture, the global monoculture, or homogenization of cultures, akin to cultural decay. A collectivist culture teaches members the importance of group values such as benevolence, tradition, and conformity. Sue and Walt have at least three good examples of collectivist culture. These are just a few examples of cultural differences that happen through out the movie. An example of cultural difference is whenever she translates what is said in her language to English. She does this in multiply occasions. An example of collectivist culture is when Sue invited Walt over for the barbecue on his birthday and Walt wanted to know why no one would look him in the…show more content…
An example from the film where one is expressing a social identity that weakened an interpersonal relationship is when the Lor family shaman reads Walt. Kor Khue says to Walt that people do not respect him, that they don't want to look at him, that the way Walt lives, his food has no flavor, and that he is worried about his life. Additionally, the shaman says to Walt that he has made a mistake in the past life, like a mistake that he did that he is not satisfied with, that Walt has no happiness in his life, and it is like he not at peace. After that is said Walt then gets up and looks around and realizes that he has more in common with the gooks then his own spoilt rotten…show more content…
The open self represents all the information about you that you and others know. An example for Walt is his past. Everyone knows Walt was in the Korean War. Walt talks about how things were like in the war through out the movie. The blind self represents all the things about you that others know but of which you're ignorant. For example when Walt makes Spider and his gang leave because they where on his property. Walt just wanted everyone to get off his property but he also ended up saving Thao showing he is a good guy without even trying. Another example is when Walt is in the basement at the barbecue and Youa asks him what he does and instead of saying something stupid he is just straight forward and says he fixes things. As he lists of things he has fixed Youa calls him funny. She thought he was funny and all Walt thought was that he was just answering her question
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