Cultural Diversity : An Understanding Of Multiple Cultures

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优质护理服务, Qualität in der Pflege, 質の高いケア, vårdkvalitet, atención de calidad, quality care. In the nursing profession in order for there to be quality care there needs to be an understanding of multiple cultures. Cultural diversity is the “plurality of ideas and opinions for behavior to which people are exposed, adding to the texture and complicity of a society.” (Craven, Hirnle, & Jensen, n.d., p. 1396) Cultural acceptance and knowledge of diverity does not just begin in the place of employment, it is also important in the education of nursing as well. Diverse teaching and a diverse set of nursing students is what is needed in order for cultural diversity to be understood and for quality care to be met in the up and coming nurses. In nursing education there needs to be diverse nursing students, increased effectiveness in education with diverse nursing students, and in hospitals an increase in racial and ethical diversity.
Diversity is the similarities and differences in age, culture, education, ethnicity, experience, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and many more. For many years when one though of a nurse they imagined a white woman in a white uniform. In the world today, with so many different views and beliefs there needs to be a greater diverse pool of nurses. Achieving this diversity of nurses starts with nursing students. “Expansion of diversity within the nursing student body and thereby in the nursing profession is acknowledged as a desirable goal that…
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