Cultural Diversity And Diversity

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Introduction In modern society there is a major change that is occurring among the population when it relates to diversity among minorities. In the United States, we can all see the impact of minorities in education, entertainment, politics and in corporate America. Diversity is important in this case, because it invites people from different cultures to come together and it embraces different skills, attitudes and experiences that can bring fresh ideas to the marketplace. This rapid change is important because in the communities across this nation diversity challenges the normal way we that we have been accustomed to. As modern society continue to bring different cultures together overtime it causes company brands to support more diversity in ads. In business ethnic diversity can create major advantages for companies and make brands become more noticeable with the exposure of diverse ethnicity in their marketing efforts. One advantage is that diversity in ethnicity can create greater financial returns for companies as ethnic diversity gives the companies the ability to capture a larger target audience that may be from a different culture. Innovation is another benefit that companies that value diverse ethnicity in their company can see how diversity in the workplace can cause more innovation for the businesses. When different opinions forces people to rethink their assumptions it creates new ideas to form and this can create more innovation in company’s market
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