Cultural Diversity And Goal Setting

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Michelle Boyd
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Dr. Susan Foster Ebbs
January 25, 2015

Cultural Diversity and Goal Setting
Oregon, a 10th grade female Nigerian student has transferred to a new school and is displaying problems adapting to her new environment. Oregon and her family have been living in the United States in the same community for the last five years, and have recently relocated to better community. Oregon feels lost, confused and even scared when she tries to interact with students in her new school. Oregon lacks confidence and feels because of her background she is not worthy to be in the children social circle. She has become recluse in school and at home. She has expressed her problems to her parents and asked if she could speak with the school counselor to seek help. Since her parents are also concerned with her well-being they have requested the school counselor to speak with her. Oregon is usually a vibrant adolescent and enjoys learning and going to school. At her old school she had no problems making friends and adapting to learning in the United States. Her parents are concerned that Oregon is not adjusting because she is not willing to join any school activities and her grades are average. Her family values education and would like for Oregon to take advantage of the educational opportunities in the community. The school counselor in Oregon school has lived in
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