Cultural Diversity And The American Culture

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Culture Diversity Today our society is built of different cultures and races. Cultural Diversity is a “diverse group in society, with varying racial classifications and national origins, religion affiliations, language, physical size, gender, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, and geographic locations” (Taylor, 2014, p.74). Nurses need to know the different types of cultures in our society in order to provide adequate care to clients with a different cultural background. As nurses, we need to understand that each client has different values and beliefs which are learned from families and communities. These values and beliefs can influence client’s health. For example, Muslim clients may refuse prescriptions containing gelatin, pork products, or alcohol while Jewish clients may be prohibited the use of the patient-controlled analgesia pump because it might be considered work during a Sabbath day (Arritt, 2014). These two cultures are different from the American culture in many ways, but they all need a good health care regardless of their values and beliefs. In the first place, many Muslims come to the United States to meet with their families, find better job opportunities, life, education, and health care system. When we talk about the Muslim culture in the nursing field as nurses we need to understand a known what are their values, beliefs, and traditions of the medical care. Muslims prefer a same gender nurse or doctor for medical care, especially for
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