Cultural Diversity At The Heart Of The Society

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Given the growing globalized and integrated world, cultural diversity has become an important instrument of promoting peace and understanding as never before. Owing to the rapid growth of multicultural societies and countries, ever stronger international migration flows, and the accelerated development of digital technologies, cultural diversity has thus become a veritable instrument of our time. It has been posited that the promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions lies at the heart of the society. The issues that arise from cultural diversity cannot be solved only by political voluntarism; they also require knowledge dissemination, cultural and diversity awareness and an intense international cooperation and exchange of experiences. This paper provides an overview of the reasons for cultural diversity and the role it plays in integrating our world. The author posits that cultures of people appear the same, but the practice and people’s perception of it may differ. The author submits that the idea for a more equal world can only be achieved if we find ways to instill and broaden the spirit of cultural diversity among us.

Introduction One of the challenges of our modern times is the inability of other nationalities to accept and appreciate cultures other than their owns. This has posed a threat to the collective and collaborative efforts of governments across the world to foster unity among cultures. Increased cultural awareness and diversity enhances…
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