Cultural Diversity During The Korean Culture

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Culture refers to the traditions, beliefs, and ideas portrayed by certain society and are then passed from one generation to the other. And with cultural diversity, changes have been taken place compared to what was originally deeply rooted in culture in past times, and how it has been changing within time. One of the most important celebrations in the Korean culture is when a person reaches a certain age in his or her life time. The first and most significant celebration is when a child celebrates his or her’s first birthday. Koreans call this event Doljanchi, or Cheot-Dol(first birthday). Traditions are a huge significant in one’ culture, and even though some of the aspects may be different, the meaning of the tradition still remains the same. In the days where Korea was going through war and famine, Koreans had little medical knowledge nor medicine to provide for the people leading many newborns to die from illness and diseases. It was a very ecstatic occasion if a child was able to live past his of her’s first birthday. The whole village would celebrates the babys’ fist birthday with the baby’s family and food and joy would be shared.This is why Koreans celebrate Doljanchi, to bless the child a wealthy long future and for that child to have a significant impact in Korea. Now the results of Korea splitting into North and South Korea were from the results of the 1945 Allied victory in World War II. Today, many South Koreans do this celebration of Doljanchi as they are…
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