Cultural Diversity Essay

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In a utopian society everyone is equal, and one culture is not more dominate than another culture. Also, social and cultural diversity would not exist. Since a utopian society does not exist members of society must strive for inclusion and understanding for cultures that are different from theirs. People exposed to diverse cultures learn to understand the different viewpoints of others. A person’s culture shapes his or her identity and influences his or her behavior and interactions with the world. Also, people tend to use their culture to judge other cultures. When utilized inappropriately, one can discriminate against another race or ethnic group. People tend to fear the unknown or fear other cultures that they do not understand (Okeke-Adeyanju et al., 2014; Sue & Sue, 2016). Cultural diversity is a common term utilized today to describe the practices of diverse cultures, as well as, creates awareness to a melting pot society. This awareness shed light to the inequality and social and cultural issues that are faced by individuals from culturally diverse populations. This paper will describe my personal biases and how my experiences with discrimination affect my relationships with people of different racial and cultural backgrounds. It will include my understanding of the concepts regarding racism and discrimination, as well as, provide information regarding multicultural counseling as stated in the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the National Association of
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