Cultural Diversity For A Haitian Client

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Cultural Diversity Assignment- Haitian Every year a large group of Haitians come into the United States and may become a part of the health care system. In the challenging field of nursing, nurses need to be aware of cultural differences and should provide each client with cultural competent care. Each and every year, Haitians enter this country legally and illegally but regardless of how they enter the US, it is inevitable that they will need to be cared for at some time in their life. The astute nurse must understand the need for cultural sensitivity and what to assess for prior to providing care for a Haitian client. The assessment should include communication barriers, orientation of time, health beliefs, health risks, and even more…show more content…
Depending on social class, the Haitian client can either be future-oriented or past-and present-oriented. The time orientation of the client will determine if they are going to be more inclined or less inclined to follow treatment regimens. When providing culturally competent health care for the Haitian client, the nurse must recognize the nontraditional health beliefs of the client and the health practices that arise as a result. In addition, the nurse must also maintain a nonjudgmental attitude about these beliefs. The nurse should incorporate Haitian folk practices into the treatment plans as long as they are not harmful and desired by the client. Folk medicine and treatments can be used in addition to traditional western health treatments. The nurse must also be aware of the health risks of Haitian Americans when providing care. According to Holcomb (1996), “sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, and tuberculosis are the most common health conditions affecting Haitians and Haitian Americans” (p. 257). With that being said, the nurse should teach the Haitian client about the importance of primary prevention and how it is a valuable component of a healthy lifestyle. Pregnancy care in the Haitian client is another aspect of nursing. Haitian women do not seek out prenatal care, which can be troublesome with having a healthy pregnancy. “It is estimated that 80% of pregnant women in Haiti attend
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