Cultural Diversity For Higher Education Campuses

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Introduction: Students from diverse social/cultural backgrounds who are pursuing degrees in the US universities are subjected to, socially and academically, a worrisome climate. It is critical for educators to question, evaluate and to examine cultural diversity outcomes in higher education campuses. According to my role as the writer of this paper, I intended to typify the different stages that any international student could be exposed to, and how they interact with target culture, coupled with the outcomes of such adjustment trails. In the social context, international students often experience a phase of homesickness and then a period of cultural shock. For instance, instructors in higher education classrooms apply various teaching styles or educational methods which are originally different than the international students ' scholastic values, beliefs, and practices. One of the key elements in my research paper is the attention it paid to the cultural/social clashes that may occur to international students while they are attempting to socialize within the host culture.

Theoretical framework:
"Culture is the thousand people sitting in your seat" (Pederson, 1997) How will those cultural and social differences impact the classroom? What 's culture got to do with schooling? I will rely upon Vygotsky sociocultural theory of learning in order to investigate and evaluate the outcomes of the interaction between international students ' cultural backgrounds and the
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