Cultural Diversity For Nursing Care

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Identify and discuss concepts related to cultural diversity in nursing. Culture is a multifaceted characters of a diverse sets of people that have a common ground on values, languages, emotions and identity. It is a symbolic communication perpetuated in a much larger society that influence by means of conditioning and imitation from one generation to the next. Knowledge of cultural diversity is crucial at all levels of nursing practice. It require nurses to be challenge on a multilevel amplitude of social character and commitment. It is empirical that the nurse consider specific cultural factors impacting on each individual patients and be able to recognize its differences. The impact of cultural diversity on each patient start with the nurse as a co-provider and influence on the perceptions, interpretations and behaviors of a particular specific cultural group. Nurses need to understand the validity of how culture minded patients understand life process, health, illness, death, and dying. Through collaboration and scientific evidence of multicultural society can bring about a culturally-relevant and responsive services. Discuss components of culture pertinent to nursing care There are four Components of Culture : Communication components include specific language and symbols. Through having a language, a group of people interact with one another, socially sharing their thoughts, feelings or ideas to the people of the same language. Language forms is the core of
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