Cultural Diversity In Health Care Essay

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In the last twenty years, the rising number of disparities in health and healthcare has increased simultaneously with the influx of minorities within the population (Baldwin, 2003) A4. As the size of an ethnically diverse population steadily continues to increase, so will the level of complexities of patients’ health needs, which nurses and other healthcare staff will be expected to address (Black, 2008) A1. The issue of racial, ethnic and health disparities for minorities exists for several complex reasons, however, even with this being widely known, very little action has been taken to try and correct it (Baldwin, 2003) A4. Research findings suggest that without actively implementing cultural diversity within the healthcare workforce, quality in healthcare will decline while health disparities continue to rise (Lowe & Archibald, 2009) A3. So although the shortage of nursing staff should be a high-priority for change in the U.S., the need for more registered nurses with racially…show more content…
Increasing the number of culturally diverse nursing faculty can be a way to offer diverse role models to the nursing students of cultural minority. In addition, having nursing faculty of another race or ethnicity can help promote and interpret cultural knowledge into the current mainstream Anglo-culture-based curriculum taught in nursing schools today A3. It is suggested that this dominantly white cultured curriculum puts higher demands on students of an ethnic race, and incorporating culturally diverse learning styles can benefit all of the nursing students A3. As an example, incorporating into the nursing curriculum as well as into healthcare practice the emic and etic viewpoints of patients of the minority can be used as a way to see through a more culturally diverse lens
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