Cultural Diversity Is Important For The Success Of Our Students

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Cultural diversity must be embraced in all spheres of society. When society discriminates those who are different, either by race, ethnicity, religion, etc., then we start to see tension that can lead to major negative outcomes. Recognizing how to embrace cultural diversity in education is the start to a healthy society. According to Terry and Irving, “The term culturally diverse students will be used to refer to ‘students who may be distinguished [from the mainstream culture] by ethnicity, social class, and/or language’ (pg.110). Some examples of these refer to those students who are from racial/ethnic minority groups, students whose primary language is not English, and students who are from low-income or poor households (pg.110). According to Terry and Irving, “There is extensive evidence suggesting that students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds experience poorer educational outcomes than their peers,” (pg.112). This is the reason why diversity education is crucial to the success of our students. According to statista, in 2014, 62.2% of the population living in the United States were white alone. That means that 37.8% of the population have different ethnicities such as Hispanic, African American, Asian, Two or more races, American Indian and Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. In 2060 predictions indicate that there will be 43.6% white alone and 56.4% other ethnicities ( Most of the population in
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