Cultural Diversity, Language, And Culture

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An enormous scale of migration has resulted to unprecedented stages of diversity in Europe, in particular in Germany, altering societies in fundamental ways and challenging the idea of national identity that is closely held by the host nation. Furthermore, the vast majority of the publics are in great fear, that the shared values and norms that ties communities together will be enfeebled permanently if migrants do not adapt to the host country’s culture, language and its identity. In this particular essay, it would critically examine cultural diversity and the challenges that both parties encounter due to their substantial differences in culture, language values and etc.

Challenges of Cultural Diversity

The current wave of immigration that have stormed in Europe, especially in Germany has created a tension and an anxiety within the German people. Immigrants are viewed as a threat in the labour market, a threat to the historical heritage of the German people and exploiters of welfare state. As a consequence, migration has extensive effects on the structure of national identity in Germany that bonds communities together (Scherr, A 2014). The vast influx of immigrants presents a greater challenges to those majority who might also be obliged to reconcile a new ethnic and culture perception with their social reality. According to (French 2012, p. 22) illustrates that the collective encoding of the mind that differentiates one particular group from another. In
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