Cultural Diversity Of The Republic Of Indonesia

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Within the cultural diversity of the Republic of Indonesia there are numerous artistic art forms that have surfaced throughout this country. These genres give outsiders a glimpse into the cultural and social context in which this society functions. Internationally this country is most recognized for its traditional music ensemble known as gamelan. This art form serves as a significant part of the artistic culture. It is used to accompany dances, puppet performances, rituals, and various ceremonies. Furthermore, gamelan has always been an important part of the social construct within the different provinces of Indonesia as it holds great recognition within its community. The different forms of gamelan throughout the country in many ways have served as its own version of the Gesamtkunstwerk within the culture of Indonesia and through provinces such as Bali we see how one of their own genres of gamelan became the genesis for Balinese artistic culture. Within the province of Bali, one of the most archaic genres within this region is known as Gambuh. Gambuh is the oldest known surviving performing dance-drama which dates back to the early sixteenth century during the Majapahit era under the influence from classical Hindu-Javanese court culture and performing arts. According to ethnomusicologist Emiko Susilo she stated, “When the dance-dramas of Majapahit came to Bali, they had the new task of preserving the tradition of a fallen dynasty.” This dance-drama portrayed life
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