Cultural Diversity

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Chapter 3 Part 1 In this chapter, the main discussion is that saying to, “do good” or to, “avoid evil” are very general statements. In order for physicians and nurses to give the proper ethical decisions/ treatment to a patient, these phrases must be put into more specific forms. Part 2 Impossibility doing all good- The amount of time, resources, and talents are limited to all individuals. A person/ community cannot do all good deeds and that is also overshadowed by the concept of avoiding all evil. The possibility of evil around every corner hinders the ability to do good. Impossibility avoiding all evil- Almost every action has a side-effect. Doing good in one scenario might cause/ risk an evil outcome. An example of this would…show more content…
Instead, he could have tried continuing to give her the medication she needed to treat her asthma, even though he doesn’t approve of her lifestyle, and get another physician to replace him on the case. I understand that it has been a year of unsuccessful patient education, but to cut her off her medications when Mrs. S is in an environment that can worsen her asthma is not the right choice. If the physician feels like there is little that he can do, he should put it onto a new physician that will have a different way/ view of treating Mrs. S and maybe have knowledge of other ways to teach her on how her lifestyle is affecting her asthma, and ways to change it. At the moment, Mrs. S does feel like she is capable of handling all the factors complicating her asthma, but it might take a drastic/traumatic experience to change her view on her situation. With the right education and the right push, maybe Mrs. S can open her eyes to the possibilities of changing her lifestyle for her well-being. Part 4 From what I read from my fellow classmates, I understand that the physician was ethical in his decision to refuse treatment to a patient that is non-compliant. For him, the better of the two evils was to take Mrs. S off the medications and let her realize that changing her lifestyle is the best choice to controlling her
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