Cultural Diversity Essay

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Stephanie Harrold
Donald Stull
First Year Seminar-HF02M
Cultural Diversity
In the United States we see a lot of cultural diversity. Racism is still a major one today. It would either be at a public place, sadly even in a work place. I dislike people who are racist because rather if someone is African-American, Mexican, Asian, or Caucasian we all are human. I work at McDonald’s in Tiffin, Ohio. With Tiffin having two major colleges we get people all around the world attending those colleges. Here at McDonald’s workers there are majority white. To me it seems like some of my co-workers are surprised when they see a different race enter the building. Co-workers there would make rude comments saying “Oh sorry, we
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Who cares if Chinese people language is choppy, who cares if people speak Spanish. I am sure if they don’t know English, they think we are speaking in tongue; it never hurts to learn different languages in your life. Even when you travel in the United States let’s say to New York. New York has Chinatown there, which is pretty interested to see what the culture is like there. I have to say it probably makes Asian people feel at home. In Chinatown in New York, I barely heard them speak English or they didn’t have any American food there. I really enjoyed going there and seeing their lifestyle there. Sadly, racism doesn’t only happen in the work place, it also happens in public places. You still see white Americans throwing out the “N” word or you also see African Americans calling Caucasian inappropriate names as well. Racism is anywhere you go. Public places include the mall, there are still people that work at a store that keep an eye on someone that are not the same race, they believe they may steal from their store. We have to keep in mind that not just one race steals every race does. You can look in the newspaper and it will explain who stole, which could either someone of the Caucasian, Mexican or African-American race. Again we all are human each and one of us has our flaws. As I mentioned earlier, I work at McDonalds. No matter what employment you would work for you will have co-workers that are racist. Looking at one another
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