Cultural Diversity Presentation Essay

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Cultural Diversity Presentation Jose Ortiz ELL 240 Linguistically & Culturally Diverse Learners Ashford University Instructor: Catherine Tapia Date: 10/06/2013 Introduction: This presentation that I will be displaying is to demonstrate the schools, parents and teachers the importance of English language learners and to encourage all parents to get involved and be part of the school culture activities. The involvement is important in assisting students in the schools. Also these courses and affiliations to include families, parents are to value the support and raise the level of their participation, whereas students progress their accomplishment, way of thinking,…show more content…
They might turn out to be puzzled, alarmed, and irritated. These arguments can generate a meaning of anguish and stress. Schools can assist parents in the course of shifting into the United States typical ethnicity by making them sense that they are wanted and worthy. While parents comprehend how they can maintain their kid’s schooling and once schools discover the means to lecture to and integrate these parents’ cultural offerings, every person gains. Activity 1 The participations of families Aim Activity one: Recommend families with information about the encouraging influence of parental participation. Estimated time involves: One hour and a half Supplies: Indicator Marker and White board Topic Number one: When families get concerned in their kid’s schooling. Your best course of action: Warm-up Activity number one (15 minutes): Previous to opening the activity make clear the specific grounds of this gathering. Then have every single close relative present him or herself and speak for a moment about his or her point of views of the value of teaching in their kids’ lives. Carry a Full Group Activity: Give a (15 minute). For a little time explaining the vital stages of family participation and the way in which they can encouragingly influence their kid’s schooling. Group Activity number
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