Essay on Cultural Diversity & Today?s Teacher

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Cultural Diversity & Today’s Teacher Education in America has evolved through out its history and has become a major necessity to excel in the work force, just imagine 100 years ago graduating high school in many areas was rare, twenty-five years ago a high school diploma was a must to find a good job and now college and mostly likely grad school is expected by many young adults in order to ensure financial security in life. So if education is evolving then the instructors which provide the information and lessons to our children must also evolve with the ever changing tides the educational field presents today. One of the most notable differences is the students in the class rooms, with different ethnic groups more intertwined than…show more content…
But, if the teacher makes a casual observation or comment, that student might feel more comfortable about responding and joining in a discussion. Also, it helps to remember that people from some minority groups find the challenging often coercive, conversational style of many North Americans to be quite intimidating.”(Effective Schools Research p1) That excerpt from one of the journal articles I researched gives a good example of how a teacher can reach out to minority students and make sure that they get involved and the great their involvement the less likely they are to fall behind. However it is not enough to simply recognize that certain students are different but the teacher must be able to understand that a student’s perception of a lot of things has to do with where he or she comes from. For example an inner city student shows no interest in learning he sleeps in class does poorly on tests and rarely turns in his home work assignments. At a glance a teacher would simply look at this student and think that he I just not intelligent and has no hope of achieving an education. But a cultural sensitive teacher does not just glance he or she opens their mind to think why this student is acting in such a manner, maybe he sleeps in class because he lives in a dangerous house hold and is afraid to sleep, maybe their lack of interest in class is because the student is worried about things at home, perhaps his grades and test
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