Cultural Diversity Within The Classroom

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Cultural Diversity in the Classroom-What Every Teacher Needs to Know Most teachers in the United States are Caucasian English speakers who do not have much experience teaching students from other areas of the world. The cultural differences that this creates can often put teachers at odds with their students. Sometimes the cultural beliefs of the teachers may even clash with those of the students which can end up preventing the student from having a positive or successful learning experience. These diverse student’s cultural values, beliefs, and norms can be very different from those of mainstream American education and classroom etiquette and the closer the connection is between the teachers instructional style, the curriculum, and the student’s learning style, the better chance there will be that the student will achieve success in the classroom (Manning & Baruth, 2009). Teaching and learning styles can reflect cultural backgrounds and students who have teachers from the same culture have very few problems in understanding the information given by the teacher. They are most likely very familiar with the types of interactions that are expected in the classroom and what the outcomes of those interactions will be. Some students are used to a community or group style of learning, while others focus on independence and a certain amount of competition between students. If these children have the proper instruction by their teacher they will be able to learn and function in
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