Cultural Diversity and Diets

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Cultural Diversity and Diet Jacqueline Jones Week 2 Principles of Sociology Mitchell Swatez Different cultures around the world have their own types of customs that they are used to having. There are many types of diets that different cultures are used to having that unlike those of what we are used to here in the United States. In many cultures people eat toasted ants, frog legs, puppies, kittens, or raw monkey brains. I could never find myself eating none of the above, but this is natural for many people around the world. Each part of the world contains people who function differently, have symbols that have different meaning as well as have their conflicts. When applying the concept that people live different lives and eat…show more content…
Through language people are able to share ideas about food, beliefs, knowledge and ideas. Languages of many different origins are symbols that people use to communicate. Symbolic interactionism are symbols or things that attach meaning to be the key to the understanding of how we view the world and how we communicate with others. “Symbolic interactionists examine how people use symbols (meanings) to develop and share their views of the world” (Henslin, J. M. (2013). Many ways that we communicate with one another to learn the ways of others in different cultures is done in a face-to-face manner. The only way that people of one culture knows about other cultures and customs is to study them as well as communicate with them to get understanding. Again leaving out judgment of their ways of living because we are used to only one way. Functionalism plays a part in cultural diversity because each culture around the world have their own way of functioning within that group. But we all know that in some places around the people work together more than others. What I mean is that when looking at cultures around the world we are different from them because families are so close and work together to get things done, while here in America families are not as close. Many cultures are known to work together as a whole which creates society that holds a good structure. The most important theory in sociology
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