Cultural Diversity in Nursing Care: An Analysis

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Cultural Diversity in Nursing Care An Analysis The United States is a country comprised of dozens of different cultures. The definition of this nation has, at its basis, a strong element of diversity. From its incipience as a country, the U.S. has thus promoted, above all, acceptance of all cultures, and has taken unique elements from these cultures and placed them towards building a varied, strong, and accepting society. Today, the nursing field is one of the few that must be aware of differences in ethnicities, creeds, and other elements, that often lead to the need for specialized, culturally aware, care. This care is given by hundreds of nurses all around the country, yet it takes quite a long time to teach the complex elements of diversity to future nurses, as most of these can only be learned through interaction and practice. This paper will examine the various components of how cultural diversity is delivered in nursing care, and how much the field has changed because of this particular element throughout the years. In order to accomplish the aforementioned analytical goals, this paper will begin by analyzing various articles written on culturally competent nursing care, and end by presenting various research on cultural diversity in nursing, and how this translates from theory to practice. First, it is important to examine what experts in the field state about how the nursing field undertakes cultural competence. The first article on this basis states that
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