Cultural Diversity in an Organization

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235.). These differences will vary from place to place, and from organization to organization. Therefore, the human resources management must respond to the situational variables, not making generalizations about the needs of the organization to promote diversity and the strategies that can be implemented. The human resources manager risks wasting valuable resources on procedures, policies, and programs that are not fruitful in promoting genuine employee integration without understanding the specific variables impacting the organization at the moment. As the organization has already seen, hiring a diverse workforce is an insufficient action. Having an organizational culture that supports and promotes total team integration is a process requiring the support from every level of management. Management needs to play an active role in ensuring that diversity is represented in senior positions, if it hopes to see a productive and diverse workforce of subordinate personnel.
An initial assessment of the employees and situational variables should lend some insight into which policies, programs, and procedures are necessary to promote greater integration and socialization. One strategy that can help…
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