Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

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Diane Uonites
Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
March 13, 2016
Sean Diana
Part One: Collage: Personal Cultural Identity

My ancestors came from Germany, Sweden, and Norway. My ancestor’s journey was by ship and landed in Ellis Island.

What I value about my culture is my family and how important they are. I also value how we depend on one another to get through the day.
Sisters, brothers, nieces and nephew, son and daughters.
To be an American is to have the freedom to do what I want. To love the country I live in and respect the people who fought for my freedom.

Citizenship is a feeling of belonging to a country and standing up for the country that you love. Being able to vote, pay taxes, and defend my country.

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9. What effects might cultural diversity have in the classroom?
Carol believes that cultural diversity helps children learn about people and their difference. It helps people be more excepting.

Part Three: Cultural Diversity: Impact on the Classroom
A person might not think of their culture identity but it is who a person is. A person’s culture defines who they are. It is their piece of the world from their ancestors that is taken with them in their hearts and minds. It is what people pass on from generation to generation.
During the interview I noticed difference between us. My grandfather’s family came from Germany in the turn of the century and my grandmothers side was from Norway and Sweden. They arrived in the mid 19th century. All came through Ellis Island by ship. My family taught us about my culture very young.
First Carol’s family came from Italy and they needed to be sponsored to enter the United States. Her family wanted the American culture and did not teach about their Italian background. When she was 8 or 9 she learned her grandparents spoke a different language, but to relatives on the phone still in Italy.
When having cultural diversity in a classroom the effects could go either way. There are many different beliefs and values that pass through a classroom. For example children are taught right from wrong before they enter a classroom. This count’s for the hatred they have also learned from their culture. So the students that
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