Cultural Diversity in the Medical World Essay

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Cultural Diversity in the Medical Field Patient Relations Abstract The United States is a nation of immigrants; they have virtually every culture of the world within its borders. Due to this reason, there must be a certain level of cultural competency within its people. A comparison and contrast will be made to compare the Hispanic cultural views on medical care to the American cultural views toward medical care. I chose to explore Hispanic culture because of my background but most importantly due to its richness of unique characteristics. I will provide an overview on how heredity, culture, and environment can influence behavior in the medical office. Furthermore, I will express my opinion about why a medical assistant,…show more content…
Therefore, if a doctor advices a patient to lose weight, he/she may have a problem with that because it would not be adhering to their idea or their standards of a healthy body image. “Curanderismo is defined as a medical system. It is a coherent view with historical roots that combine Aztec, Spanish, spiritualistic, homeopathic, and scientific elements. The curandero is a holistic healer; the people you seek help from him do so for social, physical, and psychological purposes” (Cultural Diversity, 2012). Compare and Contrast “Americans can take come pride in the fact that attaining what the medical profession calls “cultural competency” is a goal of most health care institutions. However, achieving this goal in today’s health care environment, filled with diverse patient and provider populations, is no easy task. American hospitals are increasingly being staffed by and serving diverse populations. This creates the ideal breeding ground for conflict and misunderstanding among the staff and inferior patient care” (Galanti, 2011). To gain a more thorough understanding of this concept, I will be giving four examples or viewpoints that are completely different, when looking at the Hispanic belief against the Native American point of view. Viewpoint on Medication The Hispanic cultural views toward health care are very different in nature, from
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