Cultural Diversty within Healthcare

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Going to a different country or area of the world can open up anybody’s eyes to see that culture makes a huge impact on the understanding and practices of healthcare that seem to be so common to other areas of the world. When a person lives in one country their whole life, that person may not realize how different the life they live is from someone in a foreign country. If a person is going to receive treatment from someone with a different cultural background, they should be expected to get treatment to respects their own culture. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences having such a diverse variety of students has their own cultural competency definition that states “effectively and comfortably communicate across cultures…show more content…
It appears as the fact they would buy bulk of starches rather than healthier options that contain essential vitamins is because that is the typical day to day foods is all they known for the fact that is what they’ve become accustomed to. Those feeding practices are what lead to the prevalence of malnourishment spread throughout the entire country of Mali rather than poverty which is what Katherine was trying to confirm and on page 53 Katherine states “I wanted them to confirm that it was merely (ha! Merely!) the reality of poverty that kept their kids from rowing as they should” ( quotes) Culture can have a major impact on medical practices and health as a whole. Malian beliefs make it so it is required for a female to become circumcised. If a person would be asked why the female circumcisions were performed they would simple just explain that ‘”It our tradition. We all do this”’ showing that it has just become part of their culture and everyone just goes along with it because it is what they have always known as being appropriate. (27)While Katherine is talking to one of the residents of the country she even says that a man would not marry a woman if the circumcision was not performed. Later in Dettwyler’s research time while with her friend Moussa, he begins to complain about not feeling well and has a headache. Right away Dettwyler begins to go through all

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