Cultural Divide In African American Culture

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As a nation today our culture is one that is ever changing with it is the music we listen to or even our political stances, but one thing for sure is that we will always have a divide among us. One of the first examples of a cultural divide was during the 1920’s which were changing constantly with the new roles of women being implemented with their newly earned suffrage. Also with the great migration north, which were thousands of African Americans travelled to the bigger cities of the north such as Chicago or New York. But with these new freedoms segregation, the KKK, and the Red Scare was rising and dividing more cities more and more every day. One of the first cultural changes of the new era was credited to the new roles that women …show more content…

The reason why it is considered as such is because of the explosion of arts,music, and history (Digital History para.10). Some examples of these arts are the birth of blues, and the rise of racial pride. The reason why is called the Harlem Renaissance is because of its birth place of Harlem,New York.(Digital History para.12). But it was not just limited to only harlem residents, many others traveled from different countries just to experience the spectacle (Digital History …show more content…

There was even more Turmoil with the rising status of the new KKK. Even though with the rise of the new KKK they were still seen as a group of violent troublemakers who are not ready for a new diverse world. (Pegram page ix). But they were way more serious than that, The Klan would do such acts as burn crosses, lynch, and burn entire neighborhoods down. One instance of them doing so is in 1925 where the Klan members burned a cross in front of a public school. (Pegram para. 1). But the scariest thing about the Klan Is not the heinous acts they committed but who they targeted. Some of the ethnic groups that the Klan targeted were African Americans, Jews, and foreigners (Digital History

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