Cultural, Economic, Political And Legal Differences Between Home And Global Markets

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1- Assess and contrast cultural, economic, political and legal differences between home and global markets. Political/ legal segment is important in the industry because most big companies operate in various cities across several Canadian provinces and must follow all federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations. All companies must always be up-to-date on latest health and safety rules since it have a major and direct effect on all operations. Economic segment is attributed to the industry using many different suppliers. The industry in general relies on very high customer transaction volume and charges very low gross margins in order to stay competitive so the companies try to work only with those suppliers that offer low…show more content…
The second step would be to approach the many hundreds of accredited online universities and often them test periods for this product. Universities who catch people who have hired others to complete work will discover those students, and behave accordingly. This is an instant market for NowTogether. Customer Profile & Link to Customer Value Psychology based profile Profiling Element: Benefits Sought → High For this customer, online courses is a reality in addition to the job. He wants tangible benefits from services: speed, convenience, reliability and efficient use of time. He dislikes delays but has become accustomed to them with traditional providers. He values his time and wants to be sure others value it as well. If he is delayed, he wants to be able to use his time productively and have access to all the tools he needs to do his job. This customer values the finer things in life, but isn’t always willing to pay for them. He wants to be sure he is getting ‘value’ for his money (he’s not overly concerned with price, but dislikes being ‘nickel and dimed’) and is treated with respect. In this regard, this customer values both tangible and intangible elements associated with online courses. Profiling
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