Cultural Elements Of Art And Literature Essay

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Imagine a life without writing, and without art; it’s pretty grim isn’t it? Without these essential cultural components, life would be a sad place to live in, because no other cultural aspect would survive. The most essential cultural element is Arts and Literature, because art and literature transcend the other cultural aspects.
Without arts and literature, you couldn’t have the rest of the cultural elements. Culture manifested itself with the aid of art and literature, without the help of writing or art, cultural unity would be impossible. A good example of a culture without writing and art would be the early humans; their culture did not carry along, and one tribe would be completely different than the other, and they couldn’t even speak to express their ideas. It wasn’t until early humans began to draw cave art that ideas could be expressed, and then culture grew and evolved and spread into government’s and civilizations and certain ways of doing things, as well as religion and any of the other cultural elements. That’s why art and literature are prerequisite to the development of all the other elements of culture. Art and literature are necessary to communicate and spread the rest of the cultural elements. Civilization is the backbone of culture, and you need art and literature to connect a civilization.
Art is important to culture and our society. Society is culture, or more accurately, society is the people who make up a certain culture. Art is essential to cultural
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