Cultural Elements Of The Decision Making Of Multinational Organizations

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he decision-making processes in multinational organisations are linked to several variables, such as political, social and legal elements. In the growth of international trade, foreign direct investment and the cross border flow of technology, increased emphasis is placed on culture in business. Culture is taking on a vital role in ensuring benefits for businesses, mainly with regard to business success or risk. The integration of cultural characteristics with management practice is now considered to be the main principle at work in accomplishment.
This assignment considers the impact of a variety of principles within and around business decision-making and involving culture. It emphasises the significance of cultural elements in the decision-making of multinational organisations. This paper is divided into two main sections. Firstly, in order to answer the question, the literature review was written. It aims to provide background on different theories which focus on internal and external elements of culture in the business decision-making process. Furthermore, these theories have been applied to the famous Qatari café in London, ‘Chapatti and Karak’. This is followed by the conclusion, which summarises this research. In another section, a reflective journal is included, with an emphasis on self-learning and the personal progress made during this module.

Literature Review

A multinational organisation is a company located in one country, while also
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