Cultural Encounter, By Lorna Goodison

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The short story is about Bella, a wedded dark lady, who goes to New York abandoning her country, Jamaica. While there in the States Bella experiences an exceptional change subsequent to being presented toward the Western society. Her sensational modification torments her better half, Joseph, mentally. So throughout this essay I will be discussing how is the concept of cultural encounter treated in the short story, Is the author, Lorna Goodison, aware of the cultural encounter theme? And how does she manifest that awareness in terms of ideas and her selection of words, Are the main characters of the short story aware of the cultural encounter theme? How does the author express their awareness?, What role do “clothes”, as treated in the short story, play in highlighting the theme of cultural encounter, and How is the final encounter between Joe and Ms. Blossom used to highlight the theme of cultural encounter.

In the main part of the short story Bella is being presented as an adoring and minding spouse, guided by the standards and standards of Jamaican society. The beginning of her change is being activated by her first visit to the States. While there Bella secures an occupation and buckles down however in the meantime she is being drenched profound into the Western society. She thinks of her significant other back home, imparting to him how life resembles in the States. The second letter she composes sends some swells of apprehension in Joseph 's spine.…
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