Cultural Encounters : Cultural Encounter, Anthropology And Art

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Culture encounters “Art simply consists of Different points of view” Cultural Encounters focuses on the study of cultural identities interpreting human social costumes, religious practices and symbolic objects of arts such as, statues, masks and bronze plaques as essential part of the human cultural identity. {1}Ethnography is a method of Anthropology which is “a branch of natural sciences concerned with the study of mankind through a close analysis of human society and through comparison between cultures over time”. cultural encounters can take the shape of clashes or at least opposition between groups in one society, but it have often taken the form of war or conquest and submission as the British conquest of Benin (1897) or as diplomacy and trade, organized exchange of ideas, politics, goods and commodities i.e. the Portuguese trade agreement with Benin in the fifteenth century. the relationship between cultural encounter, Anthropology and art, explores not only how art contributed in encounters between Africa and Europe, but more how the study of encounters brings into question the vary in the use and category of art between two different cultures such as, Benin vs. Portuguese then Benin against European. Benin, a kingdom in west Africa which was home to a simple and unique tradition of sculpture, the materials used in Benin’s arts - primarily ivory, brass and coral. Ivory is associated mainly with figures of the Oba because the material is so hard and white
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