Cultural Environment Of International Business

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Cultural Environment of International Business
Vanda Mallo
Keiser University

Understanding the management role relative to cultural influences is critical for today’s managers who want to interact proficiently across borders. One important concept which provides insight into the idea of intercultural aptitude is the notion of “mindfulness” or the ability to interact with others from different cultures. Managers must become more culturally sensitive since diversity in the workplace is now the norm in most major organizations. Intercultural relationships with business prospects, clients and workforce have the potential for positive and negative outcomes, and to better understand why and how these relationships can lead to positive outcomes, managers must recognize that employees’ perceptions of culture diversity may differ within the organization, and become the mediators of such relationships. By accepting the importance of intercultural relationships, an international business manager will be better positioned to handle the impact of intercultural relationships, relative to international business and the role that they play.

Cultural Environment of International Business
Understanding culture and its many nuances is a critical part of the management process. Cultural knowledge must be identified, developed and taught to current and future managers so that they may be accountable to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. In many…
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